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Between Hello and Goodbye-------Project in Progress

A Brief Family History
Dalriada or Dalriata
A Brief Family History
The Lineage
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Someone once asked me, "how can I trace my family roots"?
This is a question that a lot of people wonder about.  First, you start with yourself and then work your way backwards, son or daughter to mother and father.  Talk to the oldest members of your family and get as much family history as you can.  Sometimes people keep old newspaper clippings or documents such as birth announcements etc.
What happens when you come to a place in your search where there seems to be no more traces of your family name? Now what do I do?
Do a search using a variation of your name, for instance in my case I went from Lackie to Lackey to Lacky to Leckie and so forth.  So what ties these names together?  Look for a repetition of first names, such as In my case it was Avreal, and in most cases you will find that the first name was once the family name of one of your female ancestors.  This is really where it starts to get interesting. 
Good luck with your Genealogy.

The closest points between Ireland and Scotland is only about 20 miles or 32 km.

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Ireland, Scotland,England & Whales
You can see how close Ireland and Scotland are.