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Between Hello and Goodbye-------Project in Progress

Dalriada or Dalriata
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The name , Lacky, was found to have many variations in spelling. The surname was sometimes spelt Lackey, Lackie, Lachey, Lakey, Lakie, and these changes in spelling occured, even between father and son. It was not uncommon for a clansman in his lifetime to be born with one spelling, marry with another, and yet another to appear on his headstone. Sometimes a different spelling was used to claim a religious or clan affiliation, or even a division of the family.

To My World

Genealogy is the study of you and your ancestors, but it is also a feeling and connecting with your past.

Ever been asked the question “Where did you come from”? Well I came from Ontario or I came from Canada.

Once you find out where you are from then you can search where your parents came from and then their parents and their parents and so on for a thousand years and more. This is were my amazing adventure begins, with hope that no end is ever in sight.

What kind of people were my ancestors, what kind of work did they do, etc.

Remember this: The fun is in the search, but the Reward is in the find.

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